AURUXXX - The Golden 12

The exciting family card game for young and old.
For funny and surprising game evenings.
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NEW! The exciting card game for young and old.

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Goal of the game

Put down the"golden 12"and write down as few points as possible at the end of each round. Whoever has the fewest points at the end of the game wins the game. Only the"Golden 12"may be placed as the last card. That means, you have to hold the"Golden 12"in your hand until you can finish the round. It can then be placed on all cards. If you have several “golden 12 cards” in hand, you can discard them as twins, three of a kind, etc. at the end.

The happy man

By placing a"Happy-Man card"you get the wooden toy figure"Happy-Man". If you have the pawn at the end of a round, you can deduct 50% of your points. The playing figure remains with you for all rounds until another player has placed a"Happy-Man card".

The action cards

If you place the “CARD BLESSING” action card (orange) you draw 1 card from all players. If you place the “CARD EXCHANGE” action card (RED) you have to swap all cards in hand with a player of your choice. If you place the action card “DRAW CARD” (blue) you draw a card from the next player (clockwise). These cards change everything!

Statements about AURUXXX - The Golden 12

“The combination Golden 12 and card exchange card has it all. That is one of those moments when you want to bite into the edge of the table."

Marko (28 years)

"AURUXXX is unpredictable and exciting until the last moment."

Kathrin (32 years)

"I think the most exciting thing is that the best strategy is of no use,
when someone takes your cards away because they have the card exchange card
plays out."

Anne (35 years)

“A great, fun and exciting card game. I was immediately impressed."

Petra (42 years)

"A wonderful family game that you have put together."

Thomas (37 years)

“Top for kids. Develops understanding of numbers and promotes strategic thinking ”.

Sibylle (30 years)

The special thing about AURUXXX

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