FAQs - questions and answers about AURUXXX

Question: There is "50" on the discard pile, then I am not allowed to put a twin / three / four of a kind "50" on it but only a single "50" or any other carde?

Answer: There are a total of 5 "50 cards", you can put the "50" on the same color and put the matching color on the "50". Since it is a basic rule that you can only place multiples based on numbers, you can of course also place several "50 cards" on the "50 card" - if you have several of them!



Question: "It is possible to lay out several action cards one after the other. After the last action card you discard another card. "That means, for example, I can play 3 action cards in a round and at the end a number?

Answer: Everything can be placed on an action card! So also another action card. After the last action card, you discard a suitable card. This can be a "2", a "Happy-Man card", or a "Numbers card", or multiple cards.



Question:Each action card is executed immediately. In other words, I can play "card swap" as the last action card and if I get more action cards through the swap, I can play themlen?

Answer: An action card is executed when it is discarded. Each player decides for himself when to discard them. If you have more action cards in hand by exchanging cards, you can play them if you want.



Question:Happy Man on Happy Man goes or doesn't go?

Answer: A Happy Man card can always be placed on top of a Happy Man card. Otherwise you can only place the Happy Man card based on color and place it on the Happy Man card based on color. The card "2", however, and the action cards always go on everything.



Question:If someone plays the 2 3 times. The next player would then have to draw 6 cards. This makes an X if you pass, etc. A chain of passes may be played until a player has run out of passes?

Answer: Yes, you can do that. You get 5 points for each cross. And you lose a tactical tool.


Question:What happens if a fellow player draws my last card from hand with a "blue" or "yellow" action card. Am I then out and the round is over or do I have to start again when it is my turn to draw one or two cards?e?

Answer: That is exactly one of the special situations at AURUXXX that make this card game so exciting. At first it is strange when all cards are stolen from your hand. When it is your turn, you first draw a card from the deck - it could be a gold 12 - if that is the case, you discard it and immediately win the round. If not, you have to pick up another card. Then you can decide whether you want to discard or not, or you may not be able to discard if you don't have a suitable card.


Question:"Twins", "triples" ... cannot be played on action cards?

Answer: Everything can be placed on action cards. Thus also number-based multiples.



Question:We noticed that the combination of exchanging red promotional cards and gold 12 is unsightly. You can't finish there. Unless you get a gold 12 when you swap.12.

Answer: Yes, this is an initially annoying situation. However, it is now a matter of not showing anything and changing tactics. For example, swapping with the player who is known to have a gold 12 in hand. Or draw your hand full of cards and only then swap.



Question: You can also play with fewer cards?

Answer: Yes that works fine, the number of cards in hand has no effect on the card game. We even recommend children who cannot hold that many cards in their hand, not 12 but e.g. 8 cards to deal. But there are also fewer.



Question: We are a large group of 10 people and are looking for a card game that can be played well with 10 people. Is that possible with AURUXXX?

Answer: Yes, that's fine! We have specified up to 6 people, but that is more because we have defined the giving of 12 cards in the instructions due to the naming "The Golden 12". So there are 72 cards in hand. If you have 10 players, e.g. 8 instead of 12 cards, there are 80 cards in circulation and 80 cards left on the deck. It works fine, we played numerous test rounds with large groups.


Question: What does the Golden 12 count when I have it in my hand and someone ends the round?

Answer: We deliberately designed the scoring to be simple and logical. All cards always count exactly what is written on them!
All cards with no number on them are scored with 25 points.
In this case: If you have a golden 12 in hand as the loser, it counts 12 points!


Question: After drawing the action card, you can draw again to generate cardsen?

Answer:When it is your turn and you place an action card, you have another turn and can discard a card. Any card can be placed on an action card, including number-based multiples or another action card.
After discarding an action card, drawing a card from the deck of cards is not excluded in the rules and therefore quite possible, but we did not think so. So here is room for your house rule😉


Question: Discarding a card ends my turn, but you can continue to play with action cards?

Answer: Yes, after discarding an action card, you perform an action and then you discard a card at the end of your turn! So you can tactically use the action cards to be able to put down cards that you might not have been able to place. Especially when you have a 50 card in hand and a round win for a fellow player is looming..

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