Card game instructions for AURUXXX - The Golden 12

Goal of the game

Be the first to discard the golden 12 and write down as few points as possible at the end of each round. Whoever has the fewest points at the end of the game in 3 rounds wins the game.iel.

Game preparation

Each player receives 12 cards in hand. The remaining cards are placed in the middle and one card is turned over as a discard pile next to the face-down pile of cards. The pawn is placed next to the deck of cards. Each player receives a sheet of paper from the game pad and needs a pen.t.

Rules of the game

A game consists of 3 rounds. You win a game round if you put the golden 12 or more as the last card / s on the discard pile. You can skip your move a maximum of 3 passes per round.tzen).

To do this, you put a cross in the respective passing field on your game sheet, but you have to note 5 points for each cross at the end of the round. It is the next player's turn.e.


The player following the dealer starts clockwise. When it is your turn you can either pass, pick up a card from the deck or you do not draw a card and discard a card.b.

You end your turn by discarding a card on the discard pile. If this is not possible, a card must be picked up from the deck. If this cannot be discarded, another card must be drawn. Should you then not be able to put it down again, it is the turn of the next player.

If you decide to pass, you are free from dragging and dropping. But gets 5 penalty points each.

The card set 0-12

There are 2 sets of cards from 0-12 in 5 different colors. With these cards you can either store color-based blue on blue, etc. or number-based e.g. 7 to 7 as well as the number in front of it 6 and the number after it 8.If you decide on number-based discarding, you can discard twins, triplets, etc. 3 x 6 on the 7th“ auf die „7“.

The 50 card

"Happy Man - Card"

The wooden toy figure is obtained by placing a card. Happy man. If you have the pawn at the end of a round, you can deduct 50 of your points. The playing figure remains with the owner for all rounds until another player has discarded a card. After 3 rounds the points are added up and the player with the lowest number of points wins the game. The value of the card in hand at the end of a round is 25 25 Punkte.

The draw 2 card

A 2 can always be discarded, regardless of which card is on the discard pile. The next player must pick up 2 cards from the deck and it is his turn. Since the 2 is also a completely normal playing card, it can also be played as a twin, triple, etc. if it is placed on the basis of numbers.den.

The following player must then draw 4, 6 or more cards accordingly. However, with the move to pass, the drawing of the cards can be transferred to the next player. You can place all colors on the 2 and, based on numbers, a 1, 2 or 3 - of course, multiples.Mehrlinge.

The action cards

If you place the action card CARD BLESSING orange you must draw 1 card from all players. If you place the action card CARD EXCHANGE RED you have to swap all cards in hand with a player of your choice. If you place the action card DRAW CARD blue you must draw a card from the next player in a clockwise Karte ziehen.

It is possible to lay out several action cards one after the other. After the last action card you discard another card. All cards can be placed on an action card in the same way as the action card itself can be placed on any card. If you have an action card in hand at the end of the game, it is worth 25 points each.

The golden 12

Only the golden 12 and no other card may be discarded as the last card. This also means that you have to hold the golden 12 in your hand until you can finish the round. It can then be placed on all cards. If you have several golden 12 cards in hand, you may discard them as twins, three of a kind, etc. at the end. Discarding the golden 12 ends the round. Only the winner of a round notes on the block in the pentagon golden 12 the number of golden 12 cards with which he ended the round. For each golden 12 card the player receives minus 5 points -5. Minus 5 Punkte (-5).

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